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Since we evolved from scrambling around on all fours and began wearing clothes to keep us warm, much of male body hair has become obsolete, see our blog post Bare or Hair. Subsequently, manscaping has risen in popularity, and in order to tame the fuzz, many modern day gentlemen are learning how to manscape.

Manscaping essentially means male body grooming - removing or trimming body hair mainly for cosmetic purposes.

Understanding manscaping specifics -

We like to divide these into the following regions: chest, back, armpits, arms & legs, above the neck (excluding the beard) and the genital area. Note that each individual's male manscaping preferences are unique to him, there is no one-size fits all. Men will manscape differently depending on things such as: lifestyle, personal (or partner) preference and in general, just how furry they are.

Taming exceptional fuzz can help to smell better, relieve heat and help prevent sun damage (as thicker hair holds onto sweat which magnifies suns rays and also makes applying sunscreen harder). It even makes you more aerodynamic.

Getting your body hair under control not only sharpens your look but is also a proven confidence booster. Studies have shown that men who pay attention to grooming, tend to be more successful both in their personal and professional lives, view our Hair Removal Packs.

Why not join the No Grow family now? No Grow is a tried and tested fast-action hair removal cream, leaving skin soft and supple, whilst slowing down hair regrowth. It is your solution to the removal of undesired hair that is easy, effective and guaranteed.

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