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The Do's And Donts Of No Grow


  • Do ensure that your skin is clean, dry and free from surface oil and creams, lotions or serums, before applying No Grow.
  • Do a small test patch before applying No Grow if you have sensitive skin and check the results to see if there is any adverse reaction.
  • Do apply a visible amount of No Grow on to the surface of the skin. Do not rub it in as if were a lotion.
  • Do apply No Grow to skin which has short hair growth of 1mm to 2mm, this is so that the active ingredients can adhere to the hair shaft and neutralize the root. Shorten hair that is long to reduce wastage.
  • Do wait for 7 days before your next application of No Grow. Hairs in the Anagen growth phase will continue to grow and so require further treatment.
  • Do use No Grow on your private parts but ensure the cream does not come into contact with sensitive membrane areas.
  • Don't shave, wax or remove hair (waxing removes the first layer of your skin, thus making the skin extra sensitive). Applying No Grow Remover after a wax could cause contact dermatitis or sensitive skin.
  • Don't rub the cream into your skin. Spread evenly using your finger. The spatula provided in the box is ideal for removing the product after use.
  • Don't touch your hair, lashes or eyebrows while you are using No Grow, as this could inhibit hair growth in other unwanted areas.
  • Don't leave on your skin for more than the recommended time frame (For more information please refer to the individual product instructions).
  • Don't use No Grow if you have a skin rash, or on irritated, sunburned, inflamed or broken skin.
  • Don't use No Grow on medical skin conditions like Psoriasis, Contact Dermatitis, Impetigo, Skin Cancer, Eczema, or Rosacea.
  • Don't use No Grow anywhere near your eyes, eyebrows, inside your nose or scalp.


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