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Hair And Hygiene Myths Debunked

Hair And Hygiene Myths Debunked

For so many years it was believed that body hair was ‘unhygienic’. But this is simply not true. If your daily hygiene habits are good then your body hair actually serves the purpose it was created for which is to protect your body from bacteria and sweat. Our eyelashes and eyebrows protect our eyes from dirt and bacteria, pubic hair protects our genitals from bacteria and infections that can enter our body,  underarm hair reduces friction and absorbs sweat. And like any other part of our bodies, it’s only unhygienic if you don’t clean it.

However, society’s beauty standards have evolved as mankind has evolved and we perhaps don’t need or like our body hair, or feel it’s as necessary as it might have been in a time when access to a daily shower was limited, see our blog post Bare or Hair. But beauty standards can be dangerous and hurtful when they create a culture of judgment or shaming when those standards are not met.

A person should never be judged on something as trivial as their body hair. No matter the amount or thickness or darkness of their body hair, it is a natural genetic process and human beings come in a glorious variety of sizes, shapes, colours and hair-appearance.

If you choose to be hair-free, it should NOT because body hair is touted as ‘unhygienic’ – it’s not. It is also NOT because it’s seen as “unattractive” – it’s not unattractive to everybody. It’s a natural part of this incredible thing - the human body.

So whether you are happy with the hair you have or whether you would prefer to be hair-free forever, this should only come down to your own personal choice. 

And if your choice is to be hair-free then No Grow is the perfect product to safely and completely remove your unwanted body hair forever, view our Hair Removal Packs.

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