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The Application Of No Grow

Test Patch

  • 24-hours prior to your full application, complete a test patch. Apply some of the product onto your skin near to where you plan to apply No Grow (Your skin must be dry and clean).

The Application

  • Make sure that the area you are treating is clear of any surface oils, creams, lotion and serums to allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients.

  • After No Grow has been applied and left for the desired time period, remove the product with either the scraper provided or a soft dry cloth/towel. Wash with soap and water to neutralize and ensure all of the product is thoroughly removed from the skin.

  • DO NOT to apply any creams, serums or lotions containing actives like Vitamin A and Vitamin C after application.

  • If you feel the necessity to shave after application, we suggest that you apply the No Grow Product in the evening, and that you shave the next morning.

NEVER leave No Grow on your skin for longer than the recommended time. It only takes a few minutes for the active ingredients to do their part, and travel to the root of the hair, via the hair shaft. Less is more, always respect your skin response.


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No Grow Female Body - Stomach or Arms Value Pack

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