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Introducing No Grow a simple hair removal and growth inhibiting cream that reduces hair growth leaving your skin silky smooth.

- Natural beauty. No Grow is made with natural ingredients to be gentler on your skin.

- Science that works. No Grown is proven to provide effective reduction of hair growth.

- Everyone’s beautiful. No Grow is suitable for all types of skin and hair.

- Hair today. Gone tomorrow. No Grow provides long-term hair reduction.


No Grow is a fast-action hair removal cream that is tried and tested to remove hair, leave skin soft and subtle, and slow down hair regrowth. No Grow is a solution to the removal of undesired hair that is easy, effective, and guaranteed.

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"After many failed attempts using alternative hair removal systems at costly rates I achieved long term hair removal after using No Grow for a duration of 8 and a half months and the hair has never grown back"

Jeni Crator

"I started using this product three months ago due to the covid -19 restricting us from making use of the salons. I am absolutely loving this product"


"I am a personal trainer someone that always takes pride in my appearance. I started using No Grow male body to remove my back hair, I started seeing results from the first month.  I would highly recommend this product"


"Having had allergic reactions to most hair removal products on the market, I was fairly skeptical when I started using No grow female body on my legs. I used the product for nine months. Each month that passed the hair grew back finer and in patches before it stopped growing back completely. I now recommend this product to all my clients"

Jenny M.

"Having gone through change of life I had an influx of fine facial hair which could not be treated by IPL as I was told IPL does not recognize hair without pigment , my skin was too thin for waxing. I started using No Grow Female facial and within seven and a half months of using the product the hair completely stopped growing"


"I started using No Grow intimate on my full pubic area when I just found out I was pregnant after confirming it was safe to use by my Gynae. By the time I got rushed in for my emergency c –section there was no hair that had to be removed. It has been four years and not one hair has grown back"


"Having been a model for seventeen years one of the leading problems I was constantly faced up against was being conscious about hair anyone on the body. I love this product!! It removes hair for a long time with such ease and best of all in the comfort of your home"


"I bought No Grow female body for my legs and intimate for my underarms. I started seeing results from the very first week and even took pictures to document that this product DEFINITELY works"


"I am a 34 year old male. My entire arm is tattooed and therefore I was told I am not a suitable candidate for IPL as it would strip the pigment in my tattoos. I then tried waxing besides the pain I had sever ingrown hairs and tried No Grow as last resort. Not only do I no longer have no hair on my arm but loved that I did not have to go into a salon. Would highly recommend this product to all the guys out there"


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No Grow Intimate Body - Bikini Value Pack

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