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Bare Or Hair?

Bare Or Hair?

Bare or hair? What do the gents say…

Whatever the colour – and whether it be short, long, straight or curly – body hair in general, not just in the nether regions, has often been something influenced by societal or cultural norms. But nowadays, we as women have freedom of expression even when it comes to body hair! But what do men have to say about this… Bare or hair?

Whilst most women assume the answer would be ‘bare’, opinion is actually quite divided! Some men view body hair as a sign of masculinity and therefore prefer zero hair, whilst others feel that perfection reflects high maintenance. Some regard a women’s choice to reflect their level of self-confidence and comfort within their bodies, whilst others have seen their preferences change entirely over the years. See our blog post Manscaping.

When it comes to the intimate area specifically, a recent survey of 5,000 men in the US found that 41% percent of respondents (predominantly males) prefer women to have no hair around their intimate area whatsoever, 38% find intimate hair acceptable providing it is trimmed and ‘maintained’, and 15% voiced no particular preference. Only 5% said they prefer ala natural!

And so the general consensus that we can conclude as men’s preference is that body hair on women is not particularly favoured. Hair on the head, yes, but elsewhere ... not so much!

All the more reason to begin your Now Grow journey sooner rather than later… you can say goodbye to hair forever and enjoy permanent silky smoothness wherever you choose!

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