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How To Achieve Long Lasting Smooth Skin

How To Achieve Long Lasting Smooth Skin

No Grow - How to achieve long lasting smooth skin

My hair removal story began at the age of 12. This is when I started shaving my legs. Thankfully, I have only ever waxed my bikini line, which resulted in a lot less hair regrowth over the years. 

The extreme difference, as you may know, is that now at age 42, my leg hairs are think, hard and the pores on my legs are larger. If I want smooth legs, I only achieve this for a day or two and then the prickle is back. My bikini line has very little regrowth after years of waxing, but I still find the process of waxing painful and uncomfortable. 

7 months ago, I began my No Grow journey with the Female Facial Hair Removal Pack. I decided to start with my face, lip and jawline as this is always visible, especially in the sun and honestly I wanted to see the results for myself. With 1 month left, I'm excited to report that my skin is smoother and hair free. No more painful waxing, and ingrowns, see our blog post The Permanent Solution To The Problem Of Ingrown Hair, and my foundation looks flawless. Next step is definitely my legs.

If you're looking to have longer lasting, smoother skin..do yourself a favour and start with No Grow now. You can thank me later :)

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